How To Get The Whole Family Out Cycling

By Nancy Sathre-Vogel

If you are wanting to get out on your bike with your children, you have quite a few options available to help you do that. Choose what works for your family!

If your child is small (under about six years old), you will mostly likely have him attached to your bike in some manner. Trailers, trailer bikes, tandems, or a coupler to connect a child's bike to yours are the options you'll be choosing from.

A trailer is wonderful in that the child can sleep when he wants, can play with toys while you are riding, and can be easily protected from the elements. In addition, the trailer may provide additional space for gear.

Trailers aren't perfect though; there are some disadvantages. Many parents find their children sleep all day in the trailer and then want to play all night when the parents need to sleep. Also, some children can get frustrated that they are not part of the team helping to propel the bike.

Trailer bikes are one-wheeled contraptions that attach to the back of your bike. Your child will be able to pedal when he feels like it and rest when he wants. Some trailer bikes come with gears, which is highly recommended so your child can help pedal up hills. This option has the advantage in that the child feels he is helping with the workload. When you reach the top of a hill, he knows he's helped and can be proud of his accomplishments. He is a member of a team and takes full credit for victories won.

The down side to trailer bikes is that the child is very exposed to the elements. Even with proper rain gear, hands and feet are very difficult to protect when the weather turns bad. Another fear is that of falling asleep. Due to the gentle rocking motion of the bike, your child may nod off while riding.

A tandem is a great option for touring with children. Many of the advantages of the tandem are the same as for the trailer bike - being part of a team and being able to help out with the workload. But the tandem also has the advantage of pedaling in sync. As the pedals are hooked together, a child on the back of a tandem learns to pedal with a normal cadence and is more closely connected to the captain. You can carry on a conversation easier due to sheer proximity. In addition, the tandem is more rigid than a trailer bike so is a more efficient machine.

Disadvantages of the tandem are primarily price related. Tandems are not cheap. Besides that, the tandem is forever together and you can not simply disconnect it to run errands by yourself. Another disadvantage to tandems or bigger multiples is the hassle of shipping them - they are very much oversized and some airlines won't take them.

The last option for touring with small children is using a coupler that will connect a small child's bike on to the back of your bike. With this option, your child can ride on his own when safe, but can be connected to you when in traffic. The two connectors currently available are the Trail Gator Tow Bar and the Follow Me coupler.

A single bike may be a great option for an older child. Be sure to consider your child - physical strength, coordination, ability to be aware of surroundings, experience in traffic, and maturity. If your child is capable of controlling his own bike, it can be great for self esteem. If not, it can lead to disaster.

Many families have kids of varying ages, so find a combination of some sort works best for them. A tandem with a trailer works well, and the trailer bike companies are now making them so a trailer can be attached behind. It makes a long train, but allows a family to get out on tour - which is a good thing! - 32193

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Why Choose Schwinn Tricycles

By Bobbie Noland

Part of practically every person's childhood involves riding a bicycle, beginning, in fact, with the tricycle. Whether it was on the playground at school, or riding through the neighborhood together with your friends, riding a tricycle in your youth is correct up there within the nostalgia annals with chasing when the ice cream truck as the music blares saying the ice cream inside, and skinning your knees countless times. For many folks, we tend to rode around on a Schwinn tricycle.

Schwinn has been around for longer than most folks will even keep in mind, creating bikes that we rode from preschool age, all the way up through high school, and for some of us, into college. Schwinn was started by Ignaz Schwinn, a German born man who started his bicycle company in America in 1895. Indeed, Ignaz Schwinn helped increase the recognition of bicycling, inflicting Schwinn to be associated with the American hobby of riding bicycles. And after all, that past time starts as a child, with a Schwinn tricycle.

Today you'll buy new Schwinn tricycles and bicycles with additional fashionable styles. However you can additionally notice several of the classics made by Schwinn "back in the day" as a collector's item. Either way, you definitely cannot go wrong with this brand. For people who grew up with this type of tricycle and/or bicycle, you may feel loyalty to the brand, and for smart reason. Schwinn is known for its quality, durability and affordable cost. Therefore you will need your youngsters to start off on the proper foot by purchasing a Schwinn tricycle for them.

Currently out there is the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle. This trike may be a very common tricycle on the market these days, and is for kids ages three to 6 years old. The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle has several features that can attract both parents and children. Initial, as a result of it's created with a steel frame it's terribly durable and will last so long as your child is riding it and is ready to graduate to a bicycle. In fact, if you have additional than one child, this can be a hand-me-down trike that all the youngsters in your family will use and enjoy. The tires on this tricycle are air-crammed rubber, rather than plastic, which means that your tots will get a a lot of smoother ride out of their trike, and you will not be being attentive to that loud plastic-on-gravel sound all day. The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle additionally has a bucket seat to help cradle your kid to stop them from spilling out, and an occasional center of gravity, therefore it is less seemingly that the trike will tip over. It's potential for this tricycle to tip over when creating sharp turns, thus forever remind your child to not be a daredevil. The tricycle will be a very little significant at 21.five pounds, however the advantages are well value it.

The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is out there in three colors: red, blue and pink, and will be found in many stores, typically at a price of around $89.99. But don't let your children ride around on their tricycles alone. There is also a Schwinn tricycle for adults! The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle may be a 3-wheeled bike which has an aluminum frame that's a low, step-through frame, a padded cruiser saddle and front and back brakes. This adult Schwinn tricycle is good for leisurely rides either on your own and alongside your kids as they ride their new Schwinn Roadster Tricycles. - 32193

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Cycling Bikes Review Ten Stationary Bikes

By Jack Bennington

To have a good cycling bikes review you need to have great bikes. Stationary bikes that do all that you expect and exceeds what you need in a bike. By choosing bikes that offer the best in comfort and unmatched reliability we comprise this list of ten of the best exercise bikes available on the market. Whether upright or sit down is better is up to you and what you want out of a bike.

This list contains both upright and sit down exercise bikes that offer the best is quiet, comfortable and even intense workouts. The bikes are in no specific order just a gathering of what people in the workout world would consider the best of the best in bikes.

The Spirit XBR25 carries a price tag of about thirteen hundred dollars and is expensive for most people but for those who have the money it is a necessity in the workout room. The spirit comes with eight programs, twenty levels of resistance and supports up to three hundred and fifty pounds.

The Ignite 746 comes standard with speaks and a big LCD screen with twenty preset programs and a wide variety of different resistance levels. The Ignite also comes with an array of adjustable resistance that makes getter better a whole lot easier.

Schwinn Active Series 20 recumbent bike suit all athlete with simple and quick seat adjustments and eleven preset workouts. Weslo Pursuit E 25 sells for under hundred dollars but gives a complete body work out with moving arm bars that gives its owner a great upper body work out to compliment the great lower body workout.

For a more next generation bike the NordicTrack C4 is a well equipped exercise bike that gives both ifit friendly workout that you download or an option of over twenty different present workout. It also comes standard with of the latest gadget like heart monitor, target alert, and cardio watch. If you are look for a more quiet and calm bike the Stamina 7100 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike may be just what you are looking for.

The Multisports ENC 200 Enduro-Cycle Chain Driven Training Exercise Bike provides speed trainer all they need for the perfect training workout and with an electrifying workout already preset it is a great challenge for any one looking for a more thrilling workout.

Proform makes both a upright and a recumbent exercise bike. The Proform 380 csx and the Proform 480 csx both have ifit technology, a heart rate monitor and a high resolution display. However the 480 has ten built in workout while the Proform 380 only has eight.

The Masai Fitness Upright Stationary Exercise Bike is a great space saver and fits neatly into any room space. It has a over-sized seat as well as adjustable arm bars for a more comfortable workout.

No matter how you decide what is the best cycling bikes out on the market just make sure it is more than capable of provide the best workout possible for you and yours. Whether sitting or recumbent you have to choose a exercise bike that does what you need and is reliable enough for you to count on week after week until you workout goal is meet. - 32193

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A Cycling Bikes Review For Those Those Interested Shoppers

By Jack Bennington

Cycling bikes, also called exercise or stationary bikes, have always been one of the fitness machines of choice, whether at the gym or at home. They allow the training and workout of riding a bicycle around town without the stress of dodging all of the obstacles. A Cycling bikes review can be a handy reference for those who are interested in purchasing a piece of equipment such as this.

There are several different styles of stationary bicycles. The standard model is usually the standard upright bike seat with the handles in front. Others, such as the recumbent and fan models, keep their focus on comfort. Space can be an issue and for that reason, many compact or stowaway models tend to sell well. Most come with easy to use digital displays.

The Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike is a standard model. The seat seat is upright with the handlebars at chest level. Aside from the familiarity, this piece of equipment offers a high-tech digital display at the front. This provides 11 different workout settings but it monitors the levels of the rider through the use of grip sensors on the handlebars.

The Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike is based on an actual bicycle also called a "recumbent." These are known to be more comfortable for the rider, since the seat reclines with a backrest behind it. This is the perfect model if you plan a sizable workout and don't want to be completely exhausted at the end.

The Schwinn Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike is also focused on the comfort of the rider. A top-seller for years, this model comes equipped with a peddle powered fan where the wheel would normally be. This can be quite refreshing during long workouts. The fact that it is powered by your feet also adds that extra incentive to keep going. It comes with a digital screen by the handle bars as well.

Although it's got an odd frame, the Confidence Foldable Stow Away Exercise Bike is very convenient for anyone without an exercise room. It's not heavy at all and folds together similar to a ladder. This makes it easy to move from room to room and will fit in any closet sized storage space.

The Stamina 15-0120 InStride Cycle XL is the ultimate option when portability is essential. This model has the ability to turn whatever you're sitting on into a makeshift exercise bike, because the unit consists of just a base and two pedals. This is ideal for someone who needs to work late, but doesn't want to sacrifice their evening workout. As long as they have one of these under their desk, they're all set. To top it off, it even has a timer attached to it.

Reading just one cycling bikes review will make you realize that these machines come in all shapes and sizes. Nearly all of them offer features to enhance your workout. Whether you are desperate for space or want the ultimate in comfort, there is going to a stationary bike accustomed to you. - 32193

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Kent Super Scooter - A Durable and Safe Scooter

By Martin Law

The Kent Super Scooter is certainly among the best and it is equally handy for use by adults as it is with children. It has great maneuverability and it is extremely safe to ride. Its twelve inch tires provide excellent service on all kinds of terrain including on rough terrains. In fact, you will have lots of fun when you ride this scooter off the road where you can even learn how to ride a scooter the proper way.

The Kent Super Scooter, thanks to its big tires, ensures that you get to ride comfortably as these tires are able to absorb the bumps and other obstacles over which you ride your scooter. Furthermore, the frame on this scooter is not the standard plastic one. Instead, it is a steel frame that is sturdy, robust and durable while at the same time also being light in weight and so does not make your scooter too heavy.

The truth of the fact is that the Kent Super Scooter is certainly superior and a great option and one that is also very attractively priced. For a low and affordable price, you get an excellent scooter that is lightweight as well as tough and it provides equal joy when ridden on rough surfaces as on smooth surfaces.

Riding on the Kent Super Scooter means that you will be riding in not only comfort but also in style. In fact, today, more people are looking to ride scooters than at any time in the past and so it is a good idea for you to also consider buying a scooter such as this which is affordable, light and very attractive as well. It only weighs 18 pounds and has pull brakes that help you to bring your scooter to a quick halt whenever necessary.

The Kent Super Scooter looks very much like an ordinary bicycle but it is in fact sophisticated as witnessed in its real handlebars as well as impressive stem and spoke wheels. It is in fact a very solid two wheeler that will provide you with a lot of joy for it are entertaining to ride upon and an ideal choice for riding in the neighborhood and in parks.

The ride will be nothing if not smooth and rugged, irrespective of type of surface on which you do your riding.

The Kent Super Scooter also comes with wider boards which mean that you get more stability and this is of course a very desirable feature although at the same time, it does mean that your scooter is going to be slightly heavier as well.

There are several models to choose from and the same goes in so far as picking suitable color options. These scooters are available in various price ranges which mean that you can pick and choose a model that suits your budget, needs and tastes. - 32193

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Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bike

By Simon Johnson

I am very happy with the bike Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bike. The bike is solid but relatively light. If anybody's looking for a step up from a basic ride-it-sometimes bike, this one is nice. If you're still only going to ride it sometimes, then why bother?

It's a little heavy to be called a road bike, which is probably why it's not, and I'm still wondering why exactly there needs to be a suspension (which must have added a fair share of useless weight). Also, the handlebar isn't as adjustable as most would like, and if you're 6 tall and one of those people who likes their legs to be fully extended when pedaling, it might not be possible on this bike. Frame feels very solid and strong, yet lightweight aluminum. After a professional tune-up (and the 2 components above replaced), the bike is handling great.

The gearshift is a great Shimano shifter (but not their nicest of course, this is a $240 bike). The gear mechanism changer is a standard Shimano touring, but still a Shimano. Very easy to put together. It's almost assembled. You will need to have the brake systems and gears set, and the wheel trued.

Schwinn Midmoor should be advertized as super bike. I added a solid comfy seat, rear and front lights, splash safeguards (I know they aren't pretty, but necessary on a commuter bicycle, and really looked pretty stable with it). I might even add a rear rack, since this is now my regular commuter bicycle. Once I poured some money in on fixture mentioned above, accessories and a tune-up, I love this bike.

I needed a good long-lasting bicycle simply to run local chores but once I started riding this bike I found myself taking longer and longer rides. Aluminium frame makes it light weight for this type of bicycle. The wheels/spokes give it a distinct look. The seat could have been softer, but other than that it's a great ride. I bought the bike in August and up to this point it has been totally trouble free.Schwinn Midmoor is a very solid bike for the money. Light, smooth ride and fast. - 32193

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Green Machine 2 - Your Kid's Favourite Toy ?

By Freddy McCandless

From the notes received on the Green machine 2 and it's predecessors, it is apparent that they're definite favorites with children and will be a toy they return to repeatedly as they develop. In brief, the Green Machine 2 is a toy that will grow with your son or daughter as they get more confident with their physical abilities plus general co-ordination. This informative article will cover what the toy is and why it is a good present for children.

The Green machine 2 is the next generation tricycle. In short it is a big wheel tricycle aimed at young people 6 years and up (and adults aren't immune to the allure of the toy either). You would possibly think, what... a tricycle? That's for kids isn't it? Well, yes and no. You see this trike is turbo charged with features such that you would not recognize it as a plain old tricycle. In brief, it's a stunt tricycle that enables you to pull a mixture of stunts and maneuvers that will have the adrenaline flowing and have your friends howling and screaming for more.

The machine is made by Huffy who have a long tradition in making cycles as well as coming up with innovations in bike design and aesthetics (Do you remember the radio bike or more recently the bicycle fitted with water pistols). The Green machine 2 has a large front wheel (21 inch) that is the power source for the trike. Pedals and a crankshaft spin the wheel (provided you deliver a bit of leg power of course). You will get some pretty respectable momentum up on a flat track.

The innovation is in the steering. You will have a twin control, like the stick you can get in an airplane (only times 2). The twin control columns control the back wheels as well as a disk braking system on the front wheel.

By twiddling with the controls it is possible to execute 180, 360 and 540 degree turns. As the tricycle is so low to the ground plus the control system ensures that you keep the center of gravity over the machine in the middle, it is doubtful that you're going to flip or tip over too. As soon as a child develops just a little trust in the machine he/she will be able to do all kinds of stunts and will be eager to think up further tricks.

The Green Machine 2 will provide your children the opportunity to get a good amount of exercise and develop confidence in their capabilities. It beats the heck out of video games along with the trend towards wii fit as one way to get exercise. - 32193

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